This Week… Rain Dance!


“Tell me what do you see?” – Tatu

No, it’s not the return of the infamous jungle and hardcore outlet from the 90’s. Although I’m sure we could all go a bit of that right about now… No, this is a literal Rain Dance, a celebration of water falling from the sky which has ended weeks of baking heat. It has been stifling hot in the UK recently, far too hot for my liking in all honesty. It’s like somebody forgot to turn the stove off and we’ve all been frying and stewing in our own greases ever since. I saw someone online describe it as “swamp ass season” but even that is a step too gross for me. Perhaps it’s all we deserve, what with all the journalists filming refugees on speedboats and the ridiculousness of the class system and wonky exam results. It seems only fair that we burn in hell, at least for a little while. 

In other good news it appears that we are now in a recession. Although to be honest, I’m not even thirty yet and it feels as if my life has been one big long recession. In fact I didn’t even know that we were out of the last one? 

Anyway, what’s your plans for the weekend? Now that it’s rained the one sort of saving grace of the whole lockdown experience, the park, has been ruled out. Although to be honest Carol may have put a fair few folk off this weekend anyway after her trip to Greenwich the other day. I love a bit of dogging me personally, get the gang together, hit the woods, find some fun, play with some dogs, y’know. 

That’s all I really have time for this week but if you want to know more about what’s been happening in dance music lately then this probably just about sums it up. 

Here’s the rest innit…