This Week… No Politics, No Easter Eggs, No Problem.


"Don't become trendy" – K. Delaney

"As a DJ you must always play what you love and ignore what's trendy. True passion always eclipses what's fashionable" – Boy George

"Even gods are following trends. They are afraid to be forgotten by their creators" – B. Habyarimana

"He with the cleanest clothes isn't necessarily the cleanest" – M. Mokhonoana

Me: I'm devastated. Aren't you?

You: About what?

Me: I'm asking for a friend.

You: Huh?

Me: I'm asking if you're devastated for my friend.

You: Who asked you to ask me that?

Me: …

You: I don't understand.

Me: I just wanted to have a chat.

You: Fuck off.

Blimey O'Reilly. What a load of bollocks that was. But hey, it's Easter bank holiday weekend. What did you give up for Lent? I gave up lending people money. This guy gave playing the most boring sport on the planet. Here he is crying because he conspired to rub a cricket ball.

YEAH, MATE, YOU ARE GOING TO HELL. No wonder this guy likes cricket.

This guy gave up smiling when he thinks about his friend, because said friend, PJ from Biker Grove, was blinded in a paintballing incident.

I gave up my driving licence, which I lost the other day. WHAT A PLONKER. If you see it, please return it. Thanks.

This guy below gave up using common sense to open a carton of milk.


Isn't it time you grew up? Asking for a FUCK OFF.

This guy doesn't give anything up because it's us who have to give stuff up for him.

Play it cool, eh Trigger. This person should give up driving. Forever.

Are you joining us this weekend? Not for The Kills reunion. For this, the Easter weekend at our record store? Loads going on.

Come down for a boogie, buy records, or drink and chin-wag.

Over x Out

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