This Week… Lawless Cops & Reckless Lies


“Did you ever stop to think why cops are always famous for being dumb? Simple. Because they don’t have to be anything else.” – Orson Welles

It’s funny I guess… fact is now fiction, fiction is now fact.

The very reality within which we exist is up for debate yet meanwhile there’s still kids being shot by lawless cops. I guess some things don’t ever change, even in this brand new post truth era the same old bullsh*t runs deep and maintains “societal” standards. The same old twisted ideas, the same old bitterness, the same old hatred, the same old papers publishing fake news and weaving a tapestry of lies designed to save not just their bacon but that of the pigs alongside em’ in the frying pan. Wake up…

Anyway, the seasons are changing, some like that, others don’t. We are in the last of the dying embers of summer and we may as well enjoy the sun whilst we can. On what was supposed to be carnival weekend in London we will celebrate the last of the summer in South London at The Paperworks this Sunday, all are welcome, that’s for sure. 

Elsewhere the internet was won this week by a school librarian who tactfully told Boris what he is and where he can stick it through the strategic placement of books

Meanwhile in Little Britain Gareth Ainsworth fell off his chair. Social distancing is going well. The nation continues to show support for heroes. The Proms is soon.  England is still England and Scotland is still Scotland.

Here’s the internet…