This Week… I’m sick, you’re sick, we’re all sick!


"I don't normally cook, but if I did it probably would be beans, sausage, bacon and eggs." – Wayne Rooney

"I can't see myself ever spending hundreds of thousands on anything that doesn't come with a toilet." – Dr Dre

"In a completely sane world, madness is the only freedom." – JG Ballard

It's that time of year again, snow in April and the post winter but still feels like winter "cold". Oh, and some fanny decided it was a good idea to put the clocks forward again so we all get less sleep? Twat. 

Anyway, enough with that… 

This week the King of chicken, Colonel Sanders, played a wicked set at Ultra Festival. It's the perfect pairing really when you think about it – a clucking massive party full of edm fans fried off their nut in some sort of dangerously small coop. A success for mankind and MOST OF ALL FOR THE ELECTRONIC MUSIC COMMUNITY WHO REALLY NEEDED THIS. What a buzz

Last week the talk of the town was that great big petition to stop Brexit, well stand back Theresa, we have a more pressing issue to attend to. Hold my dinosaurs… 

Wanda Group won the internet again, whilst this was genuinely a debate, apparently there is nothing better to discuss at present?!

In the world of food, beef was taken online and discussed as Next revealed the latest trend in homeware… 

All the while First World problems were solved, except for one… 

Amidst the office there were several keen talking points this week, the first of all being why theme tunes in the present are nowhere near as profound or memorable as they once were? What happened to the fully formed orchestral masterpieces which raised us and left a long lasting memory?


The techno one…? 

The sporty one…?

The election one…?

Or this one…?

Elsewhere in the world of odd, the pieces are beginning to crumble all around us as we begin to realise that Uri Geller is in fact our one true overlord and our only hope whilst this guy had a bad day… 

Finally, we leave you with this, human nature..