This Week… Flying Ants Everywhere


“People everywhere confuse what they read in newspapers with news.”

The insect kingdom has arisen, we are under siege. It is once again that time of year again, flying ants and wasps plague the bins and beer gardens of the United Kingdom and each and every person must defend themselves against their tyranny. 

ANYWAY, moving on…

This week a woman found a funny sausage in the supermarket and the whole Internet went a bit mental. To be fair, it does look like a…. 

Elsewhere a new roundabout opened in Cambridgeshire, a roundabout which cost £2.3million to develop. Yes, you read that correctly, a roundabout which cost £2.3million. It’s good to see that taxpayers money is being well spent isn’t it? It all went absolutely to plan too. 

Lastly, a whole host of students got their exam results and were delighted to be informed that the government had created an algorithm which would predict their grades based on whether they were rich or poor. Everyone was absolutely delighted with the results they attained and they all lived happily ever after… 

As if..

Anyway, here’s the Internet…