This Week


You should start the year off by burning these off your computer and printing these new sleeves out and selling them on Dalston market! Ta mitcho

Drinks, dinner, decisions. Arrive a guest leave a legend. I'm off to North Dakota me

"Attention restaurant customers, testicles. That is all." P. Griffin.

"Tesco fought on price, not quality… which is where they went wrong." Debra Dragon

"That call center you reached? If they're in the US, the person speaking may be a prison inmate" Boing Boing Dot Net

Cheese guy "Look, a wagon wheel." Pete Griffin "What the hell is your problem?" Cheese Guy "I just smoked a bunch of crack"

"MENS Bikini BANANA THONG Skimpy U Pick Size Fabric Choices SOFT COTTON Velvet" – just plain wrong. Why would you pick that picture too?! I wasn't looking at this by the way, it was sent to me! Honest.

"So if these ass-f%^&s in DC decide to ruin the internet, here’s how to access your favorite sites in the event of a DNS takedown"  SOPA Emergency IP list

"So I can hear schoolchildren outside my door which must mean I'm massively behind today…" I know that sounds weird… it's not!

I wish I had my feet up drinking a single malt… one day.  Instead I'm resigned to 2 day old pasta and stale thai sweet chilli crisps. And they're Sainsbury's own – shocking I know! What do you mean I'm not looking after myself?
Had a nice bit of time off thanks. Hope you had some garibaldis and a pint of prawns. Remember when they were popular. Yeah I'll have a pint of prawns please. Nice.
Right then.

Tesco plunges after ‘historic’ profit warning – umm, don't build so many out of town superstores, sell shit food and squeeze the little man! That's a good start.

Housing benefit cuts defeated by House of Lords in welfare reform vote. Bring on the speedy Tory House of Lords reform. Chris Grayling's a prick isn't it he?! Why do all the cabinet look the same. Check Ian Duncan Smarm. Chrissy's identical to im!

Hungary doing a good job of ostricising the world aren't they? Massive anti semitisim from its cabinet minister, "Orban government of "destroying the democratic rule of law" and pursuing a systematic policy of closing institutions which have the power to criticise the government." Not looking great.

Film industry – Cameron – C&^t – those were my notes for the news article about his plans for the UK film industry. Don't think I need to elaborate do I? God, right bit of tory bashing going on here isn't it!

RIP Pat Butcher!

"Maybe this isn’t a newsflash to anyone but me, but, um, the Moai “heads” on the Easter Island heads have bodies" – ta pop.

New record: toilet paper folded 13 times!
For years, it was thought that a piece of paper could not be folded in half more than seven times… until now.

Perform 150 exciting nuclear experiments from the comfort of your own bedroom

First consumer 3D printer – print your own toys n' stuff.

Give kids stickers, stick them on the wall.

The new rebecca black

Video Date Mate… jesus I haven't seen this for ages. Fk it's still amazing!

Dating Montage by smithy00101

LCD film soon come:

"It doesn't matter if you have money over here. You're in the UK your outlook if fkkd @DougStanhope on the London Riots

And the royal wedding…

And that'll about do won't it.
Enjoy yer weekend… hopefully Lenny Henry won't try and get me to stay in a Premier Inn or owt.