This Week… An Erection In Ireland And Controversial Bootlegs.


"When forced to pick between truth and legend, print the legend" – Tony Wilson

"Don't try to explain it, just sell it" – Colonel Tom Parker

"Art school taught me that it was far better to be a flamboyant failure than any kind of benign success" – Malcolm McLaren

Well, well, well… What a week it has been? Caroline was well stormy, and no that's not the one from the office… However, the Daily Star kept us all safe amidst SNOWBOMB CHAOS and we were all okay. Meanwhile, overseas they were facing a totally different type of problem? Didn't Stranger Things make it bloody well clear enough that you shouldn't drive into the upside down…? 

Ireland took centre stage this week for a number of reasons, mainly because there has been all sorts of nonsense surrounding Brexit and borders. The *cough* loyalist paramilitary terrorist *cough* DUP have managed to convince everyone that they want nothing more than PEACE. We all know the truth though… 

However, FEAR NOT good people of the isles for we appear to have found the solution to peace across the land.  VIAGRA FOR ALL!

Elsewhere Jeremy Corbyn, that dude from the Houses of Parliament met the founding father of house, Larry Heard. They discussed houses, house music, house plants, house of cards, good housekeeping, house coats, the housemartins, dj haus and the Gaza conflict… maybe. 

And then there was this absolute f**king rocket! Seriously, i'm not even going to try and attempt to write anything funny about this one because her own words speak absolute volumes. A girl who sleeps with imaginary ghosts, it's hardly f**king Mona the Vampire is it? Seriously talk about a plot twist, I just feel sorry for the poor boyfriend….

Oh, and lastly… I bloody love China. Really, as a country it has its shit together. Discogs may have banned bootlegs but is there any infrastructure in place to ban the copyright of an entire night club? You bet there isn't, and this is why China is racing towards becoming the dominant superpower…. They are cleverer, smarter and just down right better, end of. 

And on that note, we wish you a good weekend. have fun on the neverending sesh of life….





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