This Week 7/7


“Andy, have you done anything wrong whilst at the NOTW?” No, right then you’re hired.

“I feel so appalled by what’s happened. That’s why I have called for a public enquiry into this” Now, what time have I got dinner with Ms Brookes and yes let’s get some more Govt. ads in the paper.

“He’s got to accept that he made a catastrophic error of judgement for employing Andy Coulson” Milliband

“We understand you’re upset but we hope you can trust the Met to investigate this fully” What, like you did when you sold them to the paper in the first place? Cool, yeah cool.

“Sun never goes down on the British empire.”

Facebook/Skype cross-polination here we come:
Nils Rieb
hey i want to chat with ppl?add me pls nilles1990

Sever Ali
add me girls for fun ;) ?adnanturkoz?im real”

Facebook and Skype love up, that should help NI to tap our calls even better now more shouldn’t it.

What belting whether we’ve got going outside eh… I’m afraid I’m rather late this week aren’t I and for that I most heinously apologise… been trying to write a load of biscuits about Glastonbury. If this feels a little lack-lustre I am sorry but by all means scroll down and read the glazzer ranter.

I don’t know what else one can say about the whole News of the World debacle that hasn’t been pored over by every news article and bulletin already.Milly Dowler, the Soham murders and 7/7 victims… I mean, jesus christ Andywandyrebekyrupeywoopy what the fffffk?
I have to go and pick up the NOTW on Sunday and check what they’re going to fill the non-ad pages with… that’ll make me smirk somewhat.

Festival-goers hoping acts won’t distract from camera phone use

No breasts, no requests – ace blog of notes from DJ booths.

This Style Council record is everywhere at the moment. Has someone done some sort of a rework or summat? Please, enlighten me.

Paypal Twitter hacked:)

The power of the internet. Be part of derailing Murdoch’s BSkyB-ness here.

Whilst we’re on the subject. Check this out for a Rupert Murdoch group: It is impossible to describe Rupert cu&ting Murdoch without swearing

jozif 2020 podcast – now that’s rather fine isn’t it.

Koreans win the winter olympics – forget 2012 mate, Korea – nice people, good food. More than you’ll get here mate!

“Men with wide faces are more likely to lie and cheat than narrow-faced men but they seem to make better businessmen, according to a study that links facial features with a tendency to engage in unethical behaviour.” It’s true mate… look at Nixon

Do nothing for 2 minutes. See if you can actually do it. I can’t.

Jesus, what the hell was the point of the destruction of the largest buddhas in the world? Amazingly interesting programme on the Unknown Afghanistan last night. Watch now here now here, now!

Owen Hargreaves

3D paintings on glass not that keen on the paintings but clever n’ all that.

Memories of Bloc

Crossword puzzle that predicted Clinton’s election.

Furore – my word of the week that I finally heard the right pronounciation of! Fa roar ree.

Think I’m about worded out, have to go sort some for Mr D. James as well… so if you’ll excuse, I trust this is enough – cos I know you’re hanging on my ever word!

Right, I’m off to sort some bargain advertising with me ole mate Rupey…

Rupey, here rupey…


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