This Week 4/3 NYC


“You sound weird… do you have a beard?”

“After life? If I have to go through another life like this I’ll kill myself.”

Any person who vitiates the atmosphere in any place so as to make it noxious to the public to the health of persons in general dwelling or carrying on business in the neighbourhood or passing along a public way shall be guilty of a misdemeanour.

How any reasonable or sensible person can construe the provision to criminalising farting in public is beyond me

“What proof – (that’s alcohol percentage to us limeys) – is this? Some huge number.” Futurama.

“Eyyeranian syndrome”

East village flat bohemia… check. Pizza slices on the corner… check. Sits typing whilst in probably ridiculously over-priced Eames chair… check.
Hello dear R$N-ness, you’ll have to excuse the brevity of this communique but it’s been a somewhat frustrating 72 hours in the life of mr orange top… cancelled flights, creaking flats and failing internet. I’m going to get this out while the going’s good!!

Egypt a go, go… “an islamic awakening, inspired by the iranian uprising of 79″… khameni’s stirring it up nicely… All kicking off all over. Change soon a come should be a good thing. I need to read more papers this week to even pass comment i think. Listening to the BBC world service feels strange!

One in ten adults in the world are clinically obese! I know I’m certainly going to do my bit for this stat while I’m over here.

How long is this wikipedia entry on toilet paper?

Torres goes blue – I think I need to cull this newsness for this week, everyone can read bbc news mate!!

Let’s get on with the nonsense:

Cat vs Internet
– ace.

A full list of colours

Huge cricket-like insect hasnt evolved in over 100 million years.

Life summarised in 4 bottles

Some great typography going on here.
I guess, seeing as I’m here I should be saying ‘extremely awesome’ as they say on here.

I don’t really understand this underwater river??

Writerisms: overused and misused language.

Dispatches from the other side of the pond will continue in length next week once normal service has been resumed. I’m almost there. The problem is I think I can fix everything… but I can’t. And my frustration turns to irrationality.

Right, my co-hort feels like getting a tattoo whilst I really fancy a cappuccino… good job they’ve got shops over that do both, eh? (see image to left).


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