This Week 29/4


Blah, blah, blah… election shmelection. So bored, so bored… vote Lib Dem, create a democratically hung parliament! How funny was Brown yesterday with his “bigot” put down on the microphone he didn’t realise was still on? Imagine what the biffa that is Diane Abbot, my ‘representative’ in parliament has to say about tings behind our backs! Such a bad leaflet that came through the door about her today. She’ll get back in again and there’s nothing I can do about it according to voteforchange… damn! What are you doing on election night? Well, I’m watching Charlie Brooker and smokin a couple of rocks… and you? If only Alan Partridge’s Election Night Armistice on again too!

God, why have i still not been to this yet?! I’ve banged on about it enough here. Dead Polish president’s twin to run for president. How to dance in a rave – obviously missed this by quite a mile as I see you can get t-shirts of it but it is pretty amazing. The queue at the last optimo last weekend – just going to rinse out the fact that I didn’t go some more! A friend of mine was talking about Limehouse and it’s ‘up and coming’ sensibilities. “It’s just taking a while. About 90 years, so far…” Interesting history… up and coming???
The Beach is a crap film innit?! (I just said that cos it’s been on in the background tonight not cos I actively watched it again). Still, fancy Thailand again sometime soon… tho maybe not at the moment.

What a song this is from Tory candidate Greg Knight. “Vote for Greg Knight and you’ll never lose… Conservatives will work for you and yorkshire tooo!” They’re both reaching new heights of class… really they are.

Interesting article from Lionel, who admitted to buying the Telegraph on Saturday about possible future online music sharing app. Offset festival… a good festival in hainault!! With Liquid Liquid playing?! Uhhh… I’m there!
Greece the most risky country in the world to lend money to… I don’t mean to sound like a massive wnker but should i go on holiday this year now?! Will it be massively cheap? Maybe I should book a flight to Thailand via Greece?! Sorry, not very funny.

Would like to devote the rest of this, This Week to my good friend Louis who salvages this newsletter often and brightens up my days with his random nonsensical picks. I thank you Mr Shepherd:

“Another tetris version – great. (really funny). This is the invention that we were all waiting for. Very useful picture analysis site – see if an image has been altered. My fave photographer and more here. Which Bob Dylan album is for you? I like the new M.I.A video, although it’s not as subversive as its trying to be and the song isn’t up to much – pulled from youtube apparently. meanwhile, this graph really shows the shameful state of the election debate. And who thought the idea of getting a fake elvis in would be anything other than a car crash, it’s embarrassing, even even for their opponents”

Good bank holiday y’all… so looking forward to Ellen Allien & Sneak… massive, massive.


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