This Week 28/10


“it reminds me of the 19th century – my grandparents were put into the work house by social services because their parents couldn’t look after them.”

“or go to prison and read a book…”

I mean to be honest, the whole hiding yerself away from all this nonsense for a bit and picking up a book excites me greatly at present…

Christine o’ Donnell ‘is’ amazing isn’t it. I mean tea party’s amazing isn’t it? At least she’s single-handedly tainted the whole ‘party’. Did you see that reporter on channel 4 trying to interview her last night and the way they censored her… brilliant.

Jesus christ… who the ffff voted in this govt. what the fffff are they doing? it’s time to start rioting demonstrating in the street again! Streamlining the rich and the poor – quite right I don’t wanna live next to no paupers! “Kosovo style emmigration from London.” predicted. A good friend of mine arrived on my doorstep very early on tuesday morning… he’d been locked out of his house after taking the dog for a walk so had, had to walk around all night. by all accounts he’d been quite traumatised by the whole experience of being homeless for an evening.. as you would. Anyway, once his brain had warmed up a little by my central heating and sloe gin we started talking about the state of play with our ace govt n stuff. I didn’t know that our national debt stands at 71% of GDP (a lot less than a lot of other countries at present, for e.g. Japan’s is 194%) but compare that with after the second world war. Then it was over 180% of GDP! Basically the crux of it boiled down to the fact this govt and it’s preaching of these ‘essential cuts’ is nonsense. It’s just a way of pushing through age-old tory reforms they’ve been trying to do for years. As my not so icy by now friend said of mrs thatcher “I hope the old witch carks it before she sees her vision realised.” But this eventually incite a reaction not seen since the 80s. I’m up for a bit of street action anyway… why do the French do it so much better than us?!
Anyway, sorry time to stop. Go check – again.

Let’s move forward to a massive weekend and try to forget about things for a second.

Limewire shut down – as Mr Hallam rightly points out ‘yet another missed opportunity for the music industry to explore monetising free music. Quoting the RIAA, “billions and billions of illegal downloads” surely equals billions and billions of opportunities to advertise & monetise.’

Stop ‘kow towing’ to the american govt with security checks. Yeah goddammit!

See marilyn or see einstein? I didn’t see marilyn till i took me glasses off innit.

Did you see the rescue cat programme on bbc2 last night with Ceilia Hammond on? My cat absolutely loved it – was basically glued to the set for an hour!

Fly polar bear

Amazing! Bird sounds from the lyre bird. I can’t actually believe this is real but I’m pretty sure it is. Watch it through to the end – about 2 mins 30/40 its gets unbelievably great. The chainsaws are so good.

Never say no to a panda – truly great. Gets better each time you watch it… God better go get some panda!

Pretty amazing furniture.

Bavarian castle
… jah. I think I’d like to work my way through this whole page and visit everywhere on there I haven’t so far. Ich heiser super fantastique… or something.

Bottle water… now available in a can. In fact his whole page it quite brilliant.

Have you actually been through all of Louis’ links last week? They really have kept me amused for ages. Go check if you haven’t already.

Jesus, I’ve finally joined the iphonerrrs… after all those years of resisting one drops in my lap… and I’m actually starting to be as lame as everyone else with one… and it’s only been unlocked for half an hour. Must control myself, must control myself. Still, on the plus side at least I can send a text message. Been a bit difficult these past few weeks with only 1/4 of a keypad.

Right, I’ve heard they’re getting a jumper delivery down the road tomorrow – halloween beckons!

As Green Velvet never said ‘Costume ready, prepare to dance…’. Jesus, that’s the second time I’ve used that this week. It’s not even that funny but I just hear Cajmere’s vocal’s round and round my head… am I going mad, am I climbing the walls? No, I think I should just get off and prepare for Saturday…

See y’all mullet sat… don’t forget to get yer tix for sunday’s part II elsewhere on ere there R$N. Oh and Circo Loco New Year’s Day tix just added… bigness, big!

Ha, just seen someone’s religious views on fakebook “gotta believe in something… why not believe in house” – cheesearama but who cares, onwards to the arches!


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