This Week 22/4


“englishman, irishman & a scotsman walk into a bar… barman says ‘what is this some kind of joke?’ ” stephen fry

So, mum’s got some ash from iceland – the world is a bit buggered without planes innit? airlines start cutting food, drink & hotels for people stranded round the world, people spend 2 1/2 grand getting home via spain, i miss the penultimate optimo… that’s the most important thing after all. what a shame tho, was so looking forward to that. really great article on the end of optimo on RA. least john had a good bday up there last w/e tho. i love QI – stephen fry just informed me there’s a theory that every million years sperm in the sea to collide to create a double species… Wouldn’t have ever come across that fact elsewhere on this fantastic thing we called tv! also, no society in history has imprisoned more people than america. have you heard of the 3 strikes law they have for re-offenders? unbelievable!

Television debates – what’s the whole thing about showing tonight’s only on Sky?? ok, so ken clarke has been moaning about people voting for lib dems to create a hung parliament will create serious financial turmoil for the pound. hang on a second tho, fuk off! are you telling me that we only have 2 choices?? that’s essentially arrogant bullsh*t. you have to vote for labour or the tory’s… uhhh… No, that’s why i vote… i have a choice. seriously tho, is it not quite amazing there’s ’3′ parties now in the running for this nonsense that we call an election? interesting article about liberation welfare and the tory’s ‘new’ policy on benefit non-reform “people are the primary agents of change in their lives, but in conditions shaped by society.” have you seen the rapping cameron girls? amazing. wicked, let’s vote tory! in other related fantastic political related news “Nick Clegg’s rise could lock Murdoch and the media elite out of UK politics” Oh and one other political thing (no really, it’s good);

Read Jules’ interesting thing about democracy:absolute power below.Goldman sachs fraud charges. well, the robin hood tax didn’t happen but it looks like there’s a global bank tax – a “change between relationship between banks and customers.”? hmm, we’ll see eh?!

“Do you know my daughter is the leading expert on Swans?” Have you heard the swan and the rat phone call? Brilliant. Must thanks Mr Popper for that one. Oh and while we’re on a popper tip… is this the most disturbing clip on the internet?

Revisited Chris Morris’ Uzi Lover recently with jukka… brilliant. Really can’t wait for his film soon come. On a topical election Chris Morris tip, have you heard his phone call to the Sun way back when? Oh no, now I’ve got started down the Day Today tree!

Don’t remember the last time I actually turned a film off before it’d finished… Be Kind Rewind is possibly one of the worst films I’ve ever seen. In fact not the worst, I just realised I had far more interesting things to do with my life to watch anymore of it… I have internet, I really should do my investigation better… how the hell it got 6.6 on imdb i have no idea. come on Mr Gondry, you can do much better than that!

RSPCA to stop taking in unwanted pets. Have you signed up with Twatter yet? Twatter: What the FUCK are you doing? Twatter is a free social messaging utility for staying connected to complete TWATS in real-time

Little girl loves Aphex Twin – nothing dodgy. Pretty brilliant. In other Aphex-ish news – Chris Cunningham’s doing Ether tomorrrow night – oh no, it’s sold it! Shite…Lib dem trailer – not for release! “you won’t find female empowerment halfway up a pole”. the brilliant david mitchell again, ta deb… again!! Should’ve gone further up in election nonsense… sorry!

17 years of the backstreet boys “Happy Anniversary to us….17 years!! Whoop Whoop….Let’s party!”

Massive weekend ahead again… records to be played down the star on friday, star’s bday on saturday with a mr serge santiago & ben rymer… then down for lcd @ brixton… massive!

Right, my tooth’s starting to hurt again… best go get some more drilling done.

mmm sunshine iloveyou

Too rah


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