This Week 19/8


Dear Diary,

This week I have mostly been… Garibaldi. Actually it’s a pretty interesting history of the man himself… think I’ll investigate the history of the biscuit for next week.

Jesus, don’t know where to go with this today!

Let’s get the angerness out of the way first shall we?

DEFRA cuts mean some of the most beautiful areas of Britain could be sold off and wildlife and countryside protection measures cut to the bone to meet expected 40% cuts. Ace… I never really liked the country anyway, build more houses and out of town shopping complexes I say. Ah, you voted Tory too did you? Ah good on ya mate…

Tony’s giving 5 million to the british legion from the profit from his memoirs? nice one mate… 5 million or how much on medical bills blah blah – anyway, for a proper examination (as opposed to my rant) of the motivation for this and the arguments for and against check there. Ooh, plus he’ll get around 1.75 million in tax relief, so say the mail – they the truth man.. how do i always end up on their page… is google trying to tell me something? Oh and he’s jumped up the bestseller list anyway tho… which is nice for him… ahh.

Jesus… Pakistan still needs masses amounts of help. The worse is possibly yet to come – interesting breakdown of who’s donated what so far etc. Mosque to be built near ground zero. let’s check sarah palin‘s educated take on it eh? wow, i love fox news it’s ace. no bias at all. not like these two are massive lovers or anything. yah, well i was on the plane with you the other day.

7 people from benefits office been sacked for deliberately underpaying ethnic minorities! This country’s just ace at the moment innit…

Personal information online is out of control, so says mr google predicting that “every young person one day will be entitled automatically to change his or her name on reaching adulthood in order to disown youthful hijinks”… hang on a second, I’m just off to like profess my undying love all over facebook for flo rida & kate nash… what’s that you say like

Right, nonse-sense time:

Let’s start with the ole kitten learning it’s limits video – never fails to amuse me or Mr Knight-Jacobs for that matter. I know the biggest fan of this will be Hives tho….he loves em!

Fantastic site of meaningless t-shirts – follows on perfectly from a conversation with a friend recently on the topmanisation of the world of t-shirts… i.e. sht and meaningless!

Dion Dublin’s –– nice mate, nice. it’s a… umm… a carboard box, no? ta danno.

Hackney hipster hate – sweet lord this is ace! via danno again. Tied in with this, there’s this little beauty on Londons hippest scorched-grass catwalk,”London Fields (especially the section nearest Broadway Market, affectionately know as &*^%s corner)”. The local E8 magazine loves em too.

Last chance saloon for the Royal Academy exhibition this weekend.

Chunk of original earth found

Castro only has half an arse – did you know that? I mean surely it’s common knowledge?

Window winding for those of us who can’t afford electric windows

Pea grows inside man’s lung – all this time people have taken the pss out of me for worrying about swallowing apple pips! Ta jkka

Pylons – architecture award for land of giants.

Penis copter – not sure why i find this so funny…

Mario’s been getting in clavicembalo recently – outside of Italy we call it the Harpsichord.

Avatar Makeup Tutorial – mitchell’s fed me all the good stuff this week!

Guys Cabinet Door Sounds Exactly like Chewbacca!

Common misconceptions

Amateur – Lasse Gjertsen – drum edit.

Fun timelapse city scape – cnt tower… hhhuh huh

Tiny drum – make nice noises. Fun.

Lastly, please sign up for a free trial on emusic – you get 30 free tracks of your choosing and it might indeed help make this site actually break even one week! Ya never know ya know! :-)

A Louis linkage issues awaits next week… fo sho.

Ooh, looks some sun out there…jesus!


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