This Week 18/2


“sodomy is eco-friendy…”
Doug Stanhope on Newswipe. Brilliant!

Beardover… well i tried it for a whole week and yeah… patchwork catweasel! Good for the ale tour tho. I def don’t think me and bikes mix at the moment… not had the best of luck with em over the past month! nice weather eh? remind me again why we live in this country again… i especially like how it’s absolutely pissing it down and is massively, massively cold at the same time… it’s always good when you come off your bike in it too!

Macca backs the save abbey road campaign “it would be lovely for someone to get something together to save it” basically, i couldn’t give a fffff… why are you even interviewing me? “We bet those folks trying to save Abbey Road really appreciate your sympathy. Bet they would appreciate a big check more! Charity starts at home, Sir!” Perez Hilton. Have you been on google recently? Sorry, that’s a bit of a stupid question isn’t it… i typed in a film i wanted to see this week and it comes up with everywhere it’s playing as opposed to any listings sites…domination. they’re massively pushing google chrome ads too aren’t they. to do with that thing coming up very soon where as part of the anti-monopoly against microsoft you’re going to get a pop-up window to choose which browser you want. apparently chrome is the only browser to actively send information back about the pages you visit. tell me what i’m doing with a gmail account again?

reader’s digest on life support. the daily mail appears to be in mourning… the comments on this article are the priceless part of the story tho: “That is America for you…..from the most powerful country in the world to impoverished Third World entity.” “In my experience, they made a habit of preying on old, vulnerable people; this was certainly the case with my now-deceased father-in-law. They would NOT take “no” for an answer. Their demise is welcome in my view.” Dizzee Rascal finally won something at the Brits. Lady Gaga looked like a mentalist, acted like a mentalist, sounded like a mentalist. Liam’s upset with Robbie. Good stuff. Prince Harry???

My brother sat in a trailer for 4 days and watched Lily Allen rehearse in her pants… nice. alexander mcqueen?? blimey…Most jurors ‘don’t understand law’.. uh…. yeah? i killed someone once…. I’ve got a bit of interesting nonsense about town planning & brasilia to impart next week, just needs more investigation. I promise it’s not as dull as it sounds!! Join the robin hood tax – interesting article about fbook groups this morning on the news actually – we’re becoming a world of internet bullies/pressure groups apparently…hmm! 10 fingers for of shortbread for 9p.. have i posted this already?? maybe.

Check film reviews we’ve just added from Phil and his amazingly well informed Front Row films. Show him love. I’ve sorted my lovefilm list for a couple of months off it! Also check Jim’s SMD matter preview with James Ford and Mcquaid’s love of Goldfrapp…

Fair well? Nup, still need that sun please…
Ta ta Wx