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“David Blaine is said to be gutted because his record of doing f**k all in a box for 42 days has been broken by Wayne Rooney”

Well now, finally back in the world of the living… just. Two weekends of massiveness… ah how good life is sometimes. Glastonbury almost topped Sonar… is that possible? Ah yes, by it not absolutely massively p***ing it down all weekend! Snoop & Thom Yorke the big highlights pour moi.

‘Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination…’ Oscar Wilde via Katie Gwyther. Yes indeed. Something quite great about sitting watching Wimbledon on TV… and watching Murray win no less… makes being in London, being back en Angleterre not nearly as bad I was expecting.

Football? Pointless to talk about the obvious isn’t it? Big games tho. Spain v Portugal, England v Germany. OK so the replay would’ve meant that ‘one’ goal was allowed but imagine rules so ridiculous in a football game meant both sides started trying to score own goals. While we’re on the African nations subject you’ve prob already read but Nigeria have banned their team from playing international games for 2 years for being too rubbish. In terms of who’s left to support in the World Cup, as my mate John pointed out this afternoon living round here the only team now left to support with any relevance to us is Ghana. Smash it! Friday night’s gonna be a big un..
“Danny Mitchell joins us from Brighton – he’s just been released after doing time for several offences” – now that’s not something i expected to hear on Channel 4 news when i turned it on. Tell us all about it Mr Barriedale? No link, just funny…

Ken Clarke sounding like a Lib Dem on his stance on prisons… what’s all that about then? Is it about money/cutting spending or is it actually about social rehabilitation?
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Right, while I’m on the subject of that them there politicalness I need draw to attention a few corrections from last week’s, This Week that Louis pointed out:

First, “Capital Gains Tax was raised from 18% to 28%, not lowered as you say, so you can have no complaint there. Secondly, whilst the poorest 10% of people pay a greater percentage of their income on VAT so the rise in its rate will ‘hit them more’ (ie. it will increase further the % of their income that they spend on VAT), the richest 10% of the population spend a great deal more money on VAT than the poorest 10%, so the increase will mean they pay more still (ie. the bottom 10% will pay about 55 quid more a year, the richest 850 more. There is a question which of these groups is better able to afford the increases, but its not as simple as just saying that the poorest will be worse off than any other group.” Fair enough on the first point, that was def my error… the second one is not so clear in my eyes tho. Of course people with more money will pay more but is it fair to tax the bottom rung as much. Think I’m confusing myself a bit here…

More politics? See also this fascinating interview with potential Labour leader Diane Abbot. Nice youtube caption “A Racist & Champagne Socialist?” My dislike, nay almost hatred for the lady builds ever stronger. I’ve just noticed whilst watching this that youtube have added the ‘football’ icon on their player – now you too can have the sound of the World Cup horns over every clip you watch!! Quite funny actually.

Good political stuff: govt proposing offering 5000 subsidies for people buying electric cars.

Anyway, glad I’m made those errors as Louis has now handed me some rather fantastic links once again. Don’t know how accurate this is, but it looks cool. Live train map for the London Underground. My friend’s actually just spent the last hour sat watching trains go by his window and says it’s amazingly accurate! He’s actually sent me great ones this week including sound x fire = science but I might save them for next week as realise how much I’ve rabbited on here already…

What the hell is the Lego Harry Potter video game all about?? Christ knows… can someone please explain?

Oh god, some American’s just been creeemated on the TV… since when did cremation have cream in it?! innit.

.xxx domain names go live, leading to big corporation panic.

Someone’s just paid 190 grand for one of Michael Jackson’s gloves? How gutted would you be, having paid $190,000 to find out it’s not the gloves… it’s you that can’t moonwalk! thanks lionel. At the same auction I think someone bought Marilyn Monroe’s Chest X-Ray for 45 grand – what is wrong with people?!

Right, Steve’s just recommended I go watch King of Kong for free on my lovefilm account about die-hard classic gamer cartels!

Begone… me that is!


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