This Week 16/6


Re: Transaction of $26,100,000.00 US Dollars.


I am Paul Tommy citizen of Soa Tome & Principie A legal practitioner by profession, presently staying in United Kingdom.

All I required in pure heart is a partner to work with and achieve this transaction. Hence I can not do this alone without an external foreign person to enable the transaction lay covered after a successfully execution.

I have an investor under my portfolio with a deposit savings of $26.100, 000.00 USD. This investor her husband and kids died Seven years ago leaving no WILL or AUTHORISATION for Re-transfer of her investment and its proceeds to the INHERITOR.

Since her death, none of her relations has come forward to lay claims to this money as the heir. The bank cannot release the fund from her account unless someone applies for claim as the next-of-kin to the deceased as indicated in banking guidelines, and after next month the dormant account will authomatically freeze and the money will keep floating unclaimed.

I was the appointed signatory witness to the beneficiary, i made fervent efforts to locate her next of kin / Representative without success as no name was indicated.
And the bank has told me that after 20th of next month that the funds and account will be freezed if nobody come for the claim.

If you are interested i can present you as the INHERITOR with proper documentation that will qualify you to have the funds claimed, and on doing this they will not question the release of the funds to you as i will make sure that we comply with the banking proceeds and ethics of claiming the investment, I am assuring you of your personality risk free.

Pertaining the disbursement of the 26.1million us dollars, I am willing to let you have 40% of the total sum, while 60% will be for me.

I expect your respond, when i hear from you we can talk for more understanding as this matter require an urgent follow up. Please your earliest respond will be highly appreciated.


Mr. Tommy

Call me on phone number: +447011139275

Right, while you all make your fortunes over there… I’m off to have my ears blown out with some aural delights @ Sonar.
Have a great weekend.

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