This Week 15/7


“Medical experiments, excellent now I don’t need to take that job as Matt Damon’s neck…” Family Guy quote of the week.

Does having a cat make it acceptable to talk to yourself/cat? I’ve decided it does… I really am not a complete mentalist… kind of but not complete but I def think talking to your cat helps with working out everyday life. So there you have it, I’ve admitted it… OK!

Passport lost, rave holiday aborted… well, ne’mind onwards then! Re-plan in progress – mullet rave-a-thon late sept!

In the words of Teenage Fanclub I already Need Direction for this week’s nonsense…

Have you tried fresh peas at the moment? Amazing. Focus, focus.

“…and who doesn’t dread the inexplicable way londoners choose to dress once the thermometer nudges past 70degrees… this doesn’t happen in comparitively warmer cities such as barcelona, paris or rome… but then you can’t walk into wetherspoons at 7 o’ clock in the morning and order 2 pints of discounted Abbot Ale, a pitcher or Purple Rain and 2 fruit buns and still get change from 20 quid in barca, paris or rome.” Michael Hodges in TO. Well, the visits to Wetherspoons will endure this weekend tho looking outside maybe the whole summer attire may be lost this week in favour of warmer options/climes.

So a friend of mine who’s well into her ‘supplements’ has been banging on about Tyrosine and how good it was for concentration et al? Cool I thought, I kind of need some of that sometimes, especially (now), when I’m up all night tapping away at this on a Wednesday. Anyway, then I looked it up and find out it’s a tanning thing and “it is also helps in suppressing appetite and reducing body fat”. Nice, I could def do with losing a bit of this massive fat I have on me. Anyway… I def digress… where’s that Tyrosine?!

Can i go and get really angry at this on saturday? Read MoreIn the words of an early Albarn this sort of thing “makes me hateful and say stupid things… “i must restrain myself. The Levellers at greenwich sessions…ooh yeah, know where quaidos and pavey’ll be this weekend!

Did you see the Americans are getting all hot under the collar about the Libya BP (I know it’s from the Telegraph but it was the best I could find on this there t’interweb) conspiracy – did you see that article on ch. 4 news last night where they showed a TV news show over the pond, prob fox by the looks of it where they were saying someone should take some legal action against ‘england’…. ummm, yeah mate it was a scottish minister… and we’re british yeah?! love the yanks. Rob always tells me I can’t just write off a whole country with flippant statements like that… but they don’t half write their own naive mandate… all the time! Anyway.

Last day of the Gormley exhibition last sat – good! Very angry ‘no pictures’ lady tho. Takin meself off on Saturday to the British Library to check out the magnificent maps – power, propaganda & art exhibition. I like maps, me. What a shame You Me Bum Bum Train has sold out already – it’s the fastest-selling show ever produced by the Barbican but you can still be part of the play by becoming a performer in it! ta michelle.

Oooh, ooh have you seen Karate Bear? Jukka just sent im me… he’s ace!

Cosmic ballet at the total solar eclipse in south-america. Did you see the most wanted teenager in the world got nicked? 10 million not on internet – ole last minute dot com martha lane fox on her crusade to get the whole of the UK – sorry ‘England’ to Americans – online.

“If the bubble touches me, you’re going to be arrested for assault” – A police officer at the G20 protests in Toronto threatens a demonstrator who was blowing soap bubbles. Did you see those protesters from last year won their case of assault against the met earlier in the week? Via Ickey, via Rob; Even The Troops Are Waking Up – jesus! In typical American style, but still I like the thoughts he’s conveying…Troup in praise of Americans, what?!

This week, a little selection dedicated to Lionel’s linkage:I’ll have a frappuccino, a ball of wool and a Burmese to go please.

The Football Fan’s Football Fan – Mick Jagger watching the world cup – amaze (nicked w/sale from db). Octopus oracle unfazed by death threats. Finnish men still the best at carrying wives.

And finally an Emergency escape from Mads, thank you there.

Plans this weekend? Come join me and Ian on Friday @ Queen of Hoxton. Us ‘Ransom Note DJs’ play the after-party for the excellent Short & Sweet 3D film festival – there’s free cocktails and everything!! We’ll be playing all your party favourites, or simply just a load of old chicago and piano house classics… unless you tell us otherwise. It’s also free if you email names to Does it get any better than that?!

Cassy sat night, Azari & III later, later then the box of love on Sunday…

Ta ta


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