This Week 12/8


“Just got offered a nicked samurai sword, really weird considering it was on my shopping list, that and toothpaste.” JME

Best fakebook status I’ve read for a while!

Right then weather’s rubbish, 4 years of cuts ahead, consumer confidence at an all time low, growth will be slow, insurance companies making record profits, over-qualified workforce coming out of university with no jobs, the Pakistan floods are one of the worse human disasters for years… still at least there’s a tasty little meteor shower going on tonight “midnight, in a field looking towards the north is the best time” … apparently.
Shame it’ll be bloody cloudy most places eh? Oh and the Gregg’s the baker‘s still on making profits… with a social conscience.
The two most circulated clips on the tube of yous actually would make for a great face off. Get in the ring, get in the ring. Peckham Terminator vs Chicken Nugget Fighter. Seriously tho, the lads who filmed that Peckham Terminator? Utter cox… the whole ooh yeah peckham’s so skanky yeah this is so funny mate… d’you think they go to goldsmiths and want to work for vice?

So, they say the floods in Pakistan are a worse human disaster than the tsunami was and yet “the international response to Pakistan‘s flood emergency has been sluggish and ungenerous compared with relief efforts after previous disasters.”They’re even attributing some of this lack of response to Mr Cameron’s comments a few weeks back when he said “Pakistan must not look “both ways” on terrorism”. Some of it also has to come down to the fact that all this doesn’t affect the world directly like it did with the tsunami so people don’t give a sht so much. It’s not like it was with the tsunami where everyone knew someone who knew someone who’d been on a beach somewhere or involved in some way. That’s coupled with the fact Pakistan’s a Muslim country which can’t be doing them any favours either in recent times!

Anyway, this whole thing leads nicely into the most talked about story all week with Ms. Naomi ‘do you realise what an inconvenience this is for me’ Campbell and her bloody diamonds… This from a piece on guardian’s site (that ms/miss/mrs (del app) bonito sent me) about the fact that the trial and the atrocities that took place had barely made the news before campbers took the stand. “Clearly, then, the message from The Hague today is simple: you can kill and rape and mutilate as much as you like, but if you really want to gain a purchase on early 21st-century western discourse and are not simply pissing about, you do need to have once had contact with a celebrity in some incredibly minor way.” Better still, the BBC’s coverage is posted in the ‘Entertainment’ section of their website. *

So, the recovery isn’t happening as soon as we thought… really?! is john redwood really still around? in fact is he actually real? the fake looking imitator was on newsnight talking about it last night… i thought he was swallowed up in the ole major years! oooh yeah i want a john redwood haircut next time i go to the ole barbers… go on then towse, sort us out one! One more bit of politics William Hague’s staff cost twice as much as Vince Cable’s… twt

Beckham’s played his last game according to Capello… there was an interesting bit of commentary on the news this morning about how his contribution to the way changing the face of football when it was a very homophobic game and how he’d softened the notion of masculinity. While we’re on the subject of capello, some great commentary from last night’s England friendly: “It would just be nice to see Capello leap to his feet when a goal like that is scored…” “Yeah i don’t see any harm in it at all Clive”

My ace new colour changing clock, my adopted sis brought me back from cambodge has started playing we wish you a merry xmas as a wake up call… ? Ace, did you see on QI, Mr Fry’s reference to the tennessee fainting goats? Ahh, i’ve missed them. Any excuse to re-post that!! I didn’t know they were the earliest domesticated animal.

Developed a bit of a biscuit obsession of late. Wish the ole supermarche didn’t make keep tempting me with their 2 for 1 offers… jesus, the power of the 2 for 1… yeah mate, i’m not affected by the psychology of supermarkets… nup, not me. Ace, just found the biscuit appreciation society… think I need to join up. “Where do I obtain biscuits? From shops and old people’s homes” Actually read through the whole thing… very funny.

A super bug’s on it’s way from asia from people self-prescribing themselves anti-biotics and building up a resistance. Ace, gotta love the eager nature of everyone to take anti-biotics… wish I hadn’t taken so many when I got food poisoning 450 million times while i was away now. So, today’s my first day without coffee… apparently the doctor says I’ve got anxiety! Job-related anxiety… jesus, all I do is write words n stuff. I’ve become the kind of man I’ve always hated… work-related anxiety… eh? Anyway, apparently I have to start running for half an hour each day to calm this… is this really the week where middle-age becomes a reality? Right, anyone for Steve Bug on the weekend?!

Jesus, written too much again. List form ensues:

Steve mason interview from Glastonbury – quite simply, painful, compulsive and amazing… i bet she was at little london fields! ta danno.

Goldie lookin chain mock the newport rap (posted last week). “you’re not from newport, probably never been here either, i’ll bet you a fiver”

Lilly allen’s pregnant – Rob is gutted!!

10 Buildings that look like other things – ace.

Damn, had a ton of Louis stuff to post… next week!

Right, I’m off to get in training for the beer every mile half-marathon – 13 beers in 13 miles… ace.

“Me, I want what’s coming to me… oh and what’s coming to you… The world chico and everything in it.” See Scarface the other night? What a massive film!

* “What else is there left to say? Other than: this is your world. Try not to choke on it.”


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