The week in frostbite and a few words…


"It's no lament to say that the future lies behind us  – the question, crucially, is what we will do with it, where we will take it." Lester Bangs

"If god meant us to walk everywhere he wouldn't have given us Little Chefs…" League of Gentleman – I've had a bit of time on my hands this week… finally!

"I thought some more about the animals. And this in turn made me think about humans. To be specific, I wondered about what it is that makes humans, well… human? What s human behavious? For example, we know what dog behaviour is: dogs do doggy things – they chase sticks, they sniff bums and they stick their heads out of moving car windows. And we know what cat behaviour is: cats chase mice, they rub up against your shin when they're hungry and they have trouble deciding whether or not they want to exit a door or stay inside when you let them out. So what exactly is it that humans do that is specifically human?
The only activities I could think of that humans do that have no other animal equivalent were smoking, body-building, and writing. That's not much considering how special we seem to think we are."
Douglas Coupland

And on that note I'm off out of this incredibly hot hotel bar into the outside air of Lapland where my beard freezes and the rest of me narrowly avoids frostbite whilst clinging to a pole as it pulls me up a mountain and I then pretend I know how to descend a mountain in a minus 40 blizzard with two planks strapped to my feet…

Christ, now this has just come on stereo…

better run!
Brandy, where are you?
Love you. xx