Underground Institute announce compilation to raise money for girls in Afghanistan


Agency and platform Underground Institute have announced a compilation, Hope For Her Future, to raise money for girls in Afghanistan.

In collaboration with Afghan Women’s Association, they aim to collect funds and raise awareness of the current situation facing girls in Afghanistan, including the restrictions imposed by the Taliban on access to education.

The compilation, which was curated by UI founder Mary Ocher, features music from artists exploring avant-garde, experimental and ambient sounds including Xiu Xiu, Ka Baird, Ana da Silva, Michelle Gurevich, Julia Kent and more.


Based in Hamburg, The Afghan Women’s Association seek to provide education and access to knowledge through homeschooling, online-teaching and much more.

Culture agency and platform The Underground Institute work with multidisciplinary & genre-bending artists, most of which are women.

Hope for Her Future – A Compilation for Girls in Afghanistan will be released on 7th April.