So here it is, the inaugural edition of Ransom stats. A weekly blast of statistics based information that's as useful in the bedroom – this originally said boardroom but let's face it, stats are sexy – as it is in the pub. I don't pretend to have my finger on any kind of pulse just a keen nose for random information of all kinds.


OK, so this one's a few weeks old now but worth a mention in case anyone missed it – Tumblr finds itself christened the no. 1 social network among 13 – 25 year old's in the US.

Tumblr  – a site predominantly known for sharing memes, pictures of food, cats and niche pornography – has been declared the most popular social network among people aged 13 to 25 in the US. In a recent survey by Garry Tan of 1,038 people from two age groups, 13-18 and 19-25,  it was found that in both instances Tumblr was more popular than any other social network. The exact stats can be seen here:

They show Tumblr in the lead with Facebook coming in a close second and Twitter limping home to third, although Instagram is hot on their heels in the 13-18 category. 

Add to this the fact Tumblr is now in the top 10 websites in the US – 20 billion page views a month since you ask – and you've got a slowly building jugernaught powered by a generation genuinely interested in documenting and sharing the things that matter to them. Advertisers take note…

Thanks to Tech Crunch and Foture for the heads up and additional info on this.

Ian Pither (Ransom Note Statistician)