Ransom Note Present: The Election Meltdown


R$N Election Coverage 2015 here

Election! Election! ELECTION! Yeah, yeah we heard. Like you, we over at Ransom Note towers are verging on near complete election fatigue, but that doesn't mean we're not going to stick with you til the final hurdle. Tonight our team of astute political pundits, intellectual power houses and secret hard house fanatics (less secret in Tonka's case tbh) will be casting our eye over the election AS IT HAPPENS. Yes, right as it occurs on the TV, we, like you, will be furiously thumbing our phones to come up with witty new tweets that illustrate why Nick Clegg is a chump to the max. We'll possibly even be offering the occasional piece of shrewd analysis*.

We've set up base in the surroundings of London's The Social, where they've got a big screen and everything, from which we'll be interviewing passers by, and getting some responses from various producers and DJs as the night rolls on. We'll quite possibly be making super quick disco edits of whichever politician says the stupidest thing first. And we may even post pictures of cats when it gets a bit boring. You can catch all of our nonsense aggregated in one place here, and in the meantime, why not get yourself pumped up with the classic 1997 election broadcast from grinning God botherer and general weirdo Tony Blair:

*no promises on that one.