Random Slices #7



This weeks streamlined collection of things to do other than the usual – getting hoiked on jimmy hills and listening to brainwash techno – include saving the fucking planet by planting a fucking tree, something actually happening in Elephant and Castle and checking out the weird and wonderful world of Thomas Schutte…..
Schutte me down
The Serpentine’s a funny old gallery, I’ve seen some really great, engrossing exhibitions there that keep you enthralled for hours, but equally – they don’t half show some shite (I’m looking at you, Blinky Palermo)! Thomas Schutte, thankfully, belongs to the former category: his work is eerie, disconcerting and comic at the same time – with strange waxy sculptures of odd human-like forms and disconcerting dream like portraits making up the bulk of the Serpentine show. Good stuff, capable of frightening the kids.
Save the fucking planet!
In all seriousness, we need more trees in cities. It’s a fact, and Trees for Cities are a charity who are doing something about it – planting around 50,000 trees each year in UK cities. Their planting season begins on the 20th October in Ruskin Park, Lambeth and runs  for several months in parks and open spaces all across the country. They need volunteers, why not get involved and help make the everything better? Check the link for info on volunteering…….
The Elephant in the Room
Elephant and Castle, you’ve got to say that the name far outstrips the reality of the place – when I was young I thought it was some magical land – a sort of real, urban disneyworld. That was before I went there, when I swiftly realised it was the biggest armpit on the face of the planet – just a load of warren like underpasses perfect for getting your kidneys stolen in. But wait, what’s this? – there’s something other than knifings going on this weekend? Never! Yes, The Elefant festival is actually a rather lovely little festival featuring a night market, open studios, musical film screenings, live art, music and a load of other good stuff. Just make sure you get the last train out of there, otherwise you’ll come back a kidney short of a mixed grill, if you catch my drift.