Random $lices #4



This week, as ever, we strive to bring you a micro compendium of random doings and goings on over the weekend ahead – so you may turn off your tv set and do something less boring instead….
Bugger off to Berlin 
Go on, DO IT! If ever there were a time to go to Berlin it’s now, as between the 5th and 9th of September it’s Berlin Music week – a feast of club nights, concerts, seminars, workshops and general schmoozing. I accidentally stumbled across it a couple of years ago and got myself engaged in a conversation about theramin solos with a lady flute player from uzbekhistan, while feasting on a free buffet of mystery meat products. But don’t let that put you off, it’s actually really good. So go on! Book a ticket on sleazyjet and GO!
Eat in Secret
Gingerline are a mad bunch who put on secret pop up banquets in odd places around London. You sign up on their website and get sent details of the location on the night (every wed to sat until end of October) half an hour before the feast begins, but other than that you’re left completely in the dark, with no clue of what’s on the menu. All they’re willing to say is that the location will be unusual and situated near a station somewhere on the London Overground line. Is this a good thing? No menu; the possibility of perhaps having your dinner in a playground with a bunch of weirdos next to Stratford station? Well, yes, because eating is something you’ve got to do every day – some health freak nutters even suggest doing it three times daily. So, like sex in a long marriage, you’ve got to spice it up a bit every now and again. Think of Gingerline as the culinary equivalent of a pair of handcuffs and nipple clamps, putting a bit of frisson back into your nightly nosh (sorry). If that hasn’t got you into the idea, nothing will. You can find out all the details and book your bondage session,  err I mean place at the banquet, over at their website: 
The Horniman
Carrying on with the sex talk, you want to get yourself down to deepest South London and visit the Horniman. The musical instrument gallery in the basement is one of the most comprehensive in Europe, they’ve got an amazing range with everything from Moog’s to nose flutes and the famous, beautifully deluded fixation of Benjamin Franklin – the glass armonica. They’ve also got a large archive of field recordings and archived music going back over a hundred years from all over the world. As well as the musical instrument galleries, the Horniman’s got a nice voodoo collection going on and, although it’s a bit shonky around the edges, it’s probably my favourite museum in London. Well worth checking.