Jockey Slut’sBonus Beats (Tim Sheridan) Revisited


Been paying attention at the back?
Read Tim Sheridan's excellent The Land That Tim Forgot Parts 1  & 2 that R$N had the pleasure of publishing a few weeks back? If not, why not?! 
Rectify this forthwith.

Mr Sheridan has been a fine scribe in the traditional sense of the word for many a year now. His words have graced the likes of many repetitive beats publications and beyond including Mixmag, DJ and many others. He also used to write for the rather amazing and sadly missed Jockey Slut magazine. The publication was by all accounts one of the main reasons that we started  this glorified blog, I mean website. That and The Onion, Faith and Sleaze Nation… But we're not talking about us, we're talking about Tim and we're talking about the Slut. It was a monthly run down of all that was great and good in the world of the electronic but it went far beyond that. It liked other music – which was a big shock horror at the time – and it also was prepared to take the piss out of itself… something which Mr Sheridan and all the best people had/has no problem in doing. 

Tim wrote a monthly sideswipe at the increasing absurdity of the DJ world at the time called Pulse Bonus Beats… and it was fkkin funny! 

In true web 2.0 style and by kind permission of Johnno Burgess and Mr Sheridan, we're ripping off old scans of the magazine and re-publishing it on R$N.

Read, enjoy… more importantly; laugh! 

More next week. 
R$N x

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