High esteem


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We brought a jar of bird nests for my colleague when she was in hospital. Even though I knew that it is popular here as a respected anti-aging product, I was a little bit surprised at the choice because I was imagining the custard pudding from Morozoff and manga short stories. I should know how to make my skin glow like my colleague.

Lots of dry food shops stand side by side in Sheung Wan. I persuaded L to go to one of the bird nest shops and share a soup with me. The menu was simple. Bird nest soup is only available but at a range of qualities, which cost from 45 – 220 hk dollars. We didn’t want to become addicts, so we chose the basic one.

The taste is hard to describe and subtle. Getting beauty is not easy.

Re-posted and kindly supplied from Akis fantastical, strange and wonderful Calm Clam Club blog