Not content with just giving us – albeith now irregular -updates about his Siberian antics, Mike Boorman is now giving us a bunch of visual references to waste some time with.

Roach Motel – The Night

As I checked in to my place for the weekend in Moscow, I thought that it would have been somewhere of roughly this standard that Farley and Heller were thinking of when they made up the name…

Kadoc – The Night Train

And talk about out of the frying pan.  When the time comes to return to the safety and niceness of my apartment in St Petersburg, I learn that I will not be getting the plane like usual; oh no, it will be the night train.  “You get your own bed,” they said; which turned out to be true, but that bed happened to be in a boiling hot cabin with no curtains, and shared with three other people including a Georgian bloke that snored like a bastard.

Phil Weeks – Underground Chronicles

Here’s what that crackpot is up to this week.

The series is also available over on R$N TV.