Daily Telegraph Tries To Back Down From ‘Nutjob’ Comments


As a small taster of the state of things to come, The Daily Telegraph has today found itself in a bit of a hoo-har. The newspaper, owned by the tax-dodging, Isle of Sark dwelling Barclay Brothers, reacted to Jeremy Corbyn's appointment of John McDonnell as Shadow Chancellor by declaring that:

telegraph calls Mcdonell a nutjob

Many less partisan commentors noted that, whist McDonnell may have a somewhat 'passionate' approach to politics (here he is trying to pinch the ornamental mace to show his displeasure during a debate), calling a long standing politician a 'nutjob' is a) libellous, b) more worthy of a tabloid and c) potentially in breach of the IPSO (Independent Press Standards Organisation) code of practice. In response, The Telegraph acted in heroic style by… erm… trying to slyly switch the headline to "Corbyn has just appointed a man from cloud cuckoo land as Shadow Chancellor" – apparently no one has told them about screengrabs. Unsurprisingly, complaints have been flying in and, at this stage, we doubt the Telegraph has heard the last of it. 

As Britain's predominantly right-wing print media comes to terms with the fact that Labour has totally fucked up the consensus by electing someone that they don't like, we at Ransom Note look forward to 5 more years of insane headlines, scurrilous lies and pop-eyed scare-mongering. Popcorn at the ready chaps, this show's only just getting started…