British Pr Firm Admits To Making ‘Fake Terrorist Films’ For Usa Money


A former employee of Britain's controversial Bell Pottinger PR group has claimed that  during his time working for Bell Pottinger, the company took on a $500million contract from the Pentagon to produce propaganda movies from Baghdad – including the manufacture of fake Al-Quaida recruitment videos. 

In a joint story run by The Sunday Times and The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, the employee Martin Wells – a video editor who no longer works for the company – told how he spent two years in Baghdad working on a highly confidential project; the editing together of footage of atrocities to create 'false flag' recruitment films purporting to have originated by anti-American Islamic terrorist groups. These films would then be burnt onto DVD and left behind by soldiers raiding homes. The clips were coded to be played on Real Player, which connects to the internet to work- should anyone find and play these DVDs, they would send their location details back to the Pentagon, enabling them to track supposed potential terror suspects – who had become terror suspects by dint of watching footage that the Pentagon had themselves created and left to be watched. 

Bell Pottinger have a long history of working with ethically dubious leaders, from running PR for Assad's wife, to their sterling work in crafting Thatcher's 'Iron Lady' image in the 80s. It would appear they were the ideal men for this grubby job. Here's footage of Martin Wells being interviewed about his time with the company. 

A firsthand account of Bell Pottinger's top secret work in Iraq from The Bureau on Vimeo.

Read the full sordid tale over on The Bureau of Investigative Journalism..

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