Die-Cut #2 – Brex-Dance-It With The Sun


Hello Internet,

Thank you for the massive support you have shown for last week's episode #1 (which you can watch again over here) I will try to answer all your questions, but I honestly don't think I will have time. I can just say, yes, it was about the gold in the hands of the climate change Guevara. Since when has gold become the symbol of the furious fuck-the-worlds-corporations crusaders? Did I miss something? Or is it just all some stupid PR thing made up in Hollywood? To actually get some gold? Or is it because diCaprio's LA mansion now has a pool with no water? Who knows…? So many questions, so many possible answers. Still, if you want to find out what the greed for gold does to this world, have a look yourself and do some research instead of banging it on Facebook; your friends are fake, and you won't remember shit if you see it on a documentary. That's how it is. Dot. 

Now back to this week's week in a weekly weeks video. 
I'm a man of few words, enjoy and BREX-DANCE-IT

I love you Internet 
Sincerely, yours