The Floating Cinema 2014

Art & Culture

We now live in a world that our predecessors would never be able to comprehend. Even as brief as a century ago the idea of a 'floating cinema' would have seemed like an utterly ludicrous idea. Yet now it sounds like an excellent, original way to view films that will surely attract crowds from all areas of the globe – thanks in part to the plane (another excellent 20th century creation).

The programme for this year's floating cinema is chock-a-block with events that will delight and excite even the most cold-hearted film fan. With a selection of on-board and outdoor film screenings, floating tours, music and workshops on offer, it's no wonder that The Floating Cinema will be spanning from June-September. You'll be able to indulge yourself in films such as 'Who Is Dayani Cristal?' featuring Gael Gercia Bernal, Mexican film classic 'Redes' (otherwise known as 'The Waves', unsurprisingly suitable for the event) and a whole host of other visual delights.

Events across the ‘Extra-international’ programme will connect with other festivals including The London Festival of Architecture, The Mayor’s Thames Festival, Open House London, and the Angel Canal Festival. Specific events will also be streamed live onto the Floating Cinema website for an online and international audience. 
So why not treat yourself to a trip, or a number of trips, out to see London's latest river-based attraction? It'll most probably float your boat…

For all the information you need about The Floating Cinema, check out the official website.