sunday senses at dalston roof park

Art & Culture
Jameson Irish Whiskey Presents Sunday Senses; a series of unique sessions created in collaboration with Dalston Roof Park to take you through a journey of the senses. Local creatives, musicians, scientists and chefs have been scouted to deliver chapters in Touch, Sound, Smell, Sight and Taste. Exclusive cocktails and picklebacks will be available from the custom made Jameson bar. The senses theme has been inspired by the multi-sensory exploration of the Jameson drinking experience.
The second instalment takes place on Sunday August 11th with music, food, spoken word and whiskey tastings dedicated to the world of SOUND. The event will be headlined with a Whiskey & Words session, making a welcome return following last summers programme. Curated by Book Slams founder Elliott Jack, the event will bring together artists who will explore the theme of SOUND.
The proceedings will be hosted by poet, writer and musician Roger Robinson (signed to Hyperdub and lead singer of King Midas Touch). Robinson emerged on the spoken word scene in the early nineties before touring with the Urban Poet Society and opening gigs for Run DMC and De La Soul.
He will be joined by Ben Brooks, Vice writer and acclaimed author of Grow up. Brook will introduce and read from his latest coming-of-age novel Lolito which was released in July to much critical applause. Ben will captivate the rooftop audience with his entertaining, fresh and rather provocative style.
The musical sound will be led by 2012 UK champion female beatboxer Grace Savage; she will combine lyrics and beats in a set which will contrast with Anushka (Brownswood)s soulful electro style and the folk sound of Fiona Bevan creating an eclectic palate for the musical taste buds.
The Ransom Notes Joe Evans will spin tunes during the day before being joined by NTS DJ Shamos and friends who will raise the party to the roof, as the day comes to a close.
Sunday Senses always caters for the foodies; this Sunday, Zoes Ghana Kitchens stall will be serving home cooked traditional treats throughout the day.
Further collaborators will include aromas expert Odette Toilette for an afternoon dedicated to SMELL on August 18th. Whiskey & Words will be back on September 8th for SIGHT and the series will close with Dalston Roof Parks in-house restaurant Merci Marie and experimental food specialists the Robin Collective on September 15th to celebrate TASTE.
It’s free for Dalston Roof Park members (non members can pay 3 on the day for membership).