Comedy Slice #47

Art & Culture

Escaping the Fringe Festival with just enough sanity and sleep, the Comedy Slice dives down Britain to Dorset, for the fittingly named ‘End of the Road’ Festival. This will be the last Slice on the road for this year. Next week, we’ll be on home turf, prowling around the London haunts devouring any comedians in its wake…

Gemma Whelan 

Gemma Whelan has appeared in Game of Thrones and One Man Two Guvnors in the West End. Nothing to do with her award winning comedy –  just giving you a complete picture of this multi-talented woman.  As a comedian Whelan’s  plays her comedy creation Chastity Butterworth. Chastity is as her name suggests a prim lady who happens to dabble in drugs, filthy words and is ever so slightly unhinged. The character won the Funny Women Variety Act Award in 2010. 

Phil Kay
Phil Kay is a storyteller. Perhaps that doesn’t do him enough justice. Phil Kay is an enigmatic  epic narrator of wild fabulous tales of Police hard on, storming castles naked and ping pong with Snow Patrol. OK, maybe the last one lacks the wild card but you get the idea, this is a man who has lived a thousand lives and will dedicate a segment of his precious time to entertaining you with his exploits. Would you really want to miss it? 

Tiffany Stevenson
If you do want to miss the exploits of Kay than perhaps Tiffany Stevenson is the one for you. Last year Tiffany Stevenson looked at  the reasoning for the battle against ageing in her show ‘Uncomfortably Numb’,  uncovering a history of class-hatred, sexism and racism. This deep hitting comedy won Mervyn Stutter’s ‘Spirit Of The Fringe’ Award. Her straight-talking, biting wit is a display of intelligent comedy at its peak. 

Holly Hyde-Smith