An Introduction: Paper

Art & Culture

A quickfire, hot and heavy introduction to some familiar faces and a whole new guise. Paper is a new party operating out of Berlin and has amassed a reputation for its free thinking, fun filled approach to clubbing within the German capital. 

They are interviewed by Manuel Fischer, an up and coming producer who is set to release his new album on Lobster Theremin in the coming months…

Three, two, one… GO

Manuel Fischer: Hey paper boys. Maybe you want to give a little introduction to yourselves…. Who are you? It seems like you just appeared on the map in Berlin with no warning.

Paper Crew: True… In the core team of Paper we’re three: Flo, Jonathan and Lukas. We’re all are deeply rooted in the music biz and have been close friends for a while now. Jonathan and Lukas have a background in illegal raves. In the past few years they’ve organised several raves in abandoned warehouses. But the conditions for such have become worse and worse recently, so there needed to be a legal alternative to keep on doing events. Flo has been promoting events basically forever. His experience and energy is probably the main reason this is all possible. Most of the stuff he’s doing is on a very large scale, so he was looking for an opportunity to promote small uprising underground acts. That’s basically what we shared and Wilde Renate gave us the opportunity to do exactly that: Paper was born.

Manuel Fischer: Talking about the party at Wilde Renate. What’s the concept behind it?

Paper Crew: First of all it’s important to say that there are incredible promoters all across Berlin doing a great job. We see ourselves as an addition to the local house scene with a focus on hip-hop and also African influenced music. It’s funny how the smallest floor at Renate (Red Room) is the most definitive of our sound. It’s a pleasure to see people go crazy when Wolfram is playing 90’s techno trash on the main floor and next door you have Donna Leake playing free Jazz records. Or you, Manu, putting on some Swiss underground rap and the crowd loves it. There is always a risk to mashing so many things up, but if you win, you win big. And it’s a lot more fun than listening to same beat all night long on all floors…

Manuel Fischer: Haha, I think that was Nativ – „Funkaveli“ btw. What are your favourite moments from the party?

Paper Crew: To be honest, your closing set at the first edition definitely had a few big moments, melting tracks from Imogen Heap to Mala to old school trap tunez into hard hitting house stuff. Such a beauty. Or San Soda at the last edition, who stayed after his set taking over the lights and fog machine on Red Floor for D.Y.A and DJ Money until the very end of the party.

Manuel Fischer: Besides pushing new talent, what are you aiming for with the party?

Paper Crew: It’s all about the paper for us – doesn’t matter if cash or crypto, coin or card or whatever haha… But for real: we just want the people and also the acts to have fun. We often book artists on the same line-up, who already know each other in order to give them a good experience on the night, too. And try out different and new stuff. And we love grimey artwork – big s/o to you, Manuel, and your crew Ozelot Ltd. for providing us with such quality design and fashion. Maybe YOU can actually tell us some more about the upcoming drops?

Manuel Fischer: My pleasure. Well, there’s gonna be a new shirt for the next party. And some other gadgets are in the making, too. Stay tuned for some weird stuff… Back to you: what are the plans with Paper for the near future?

Paper Crew: First, get that paper at Wilde Renate with Kettama, No_4mat, Nkisi, Arp Frique, Glenn Astro & more on April 12th, 2019. You should also peep Manuel’s upcoming album "ROADKILL GRILL IN NOVOSIBIRSK“ via Lobster Theremin. It will be out the same day and is pure fuego. And meet us at Melt Festival in July, where we’ll be hosting our own little stage with awesome selectors such as Auntie Flo, Peach, LFE Klub posse and many others.


Details on the next party can be found HERE