a tour of hugh metcalf’s Films & Music: Throbbing jesus

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Hugh Metcalfe is a British musician and artist in many forms. A constant presence in the music community for the last 30 odd years, and widely recognised as a catalyst and catapult for all things marginalised and mental but rarely documented or pushed into the slimelight. This tour’s dappled focus is to exhibit the force, fury and finesse of his films, and how they complement his live musical shows. 
Alongside Hugh’s music gigs, performance clubs, audio projects, poetry and paintings he has amassed a formidable catalogue of 8mm celluloid films that he has shot himself. These piece of micro-cinema have documented his unique world and vision(s). Individually and seen in bursts they prove to be cinematic treasures that have been produced in his own deeply poetic, philosophical and rhythmic style, clearly synchronising with his music and artistic practices. 
This set of shows, taking place throughout the second half of 2013 and produced by Qu Junktions, will find Hugh performing solo, playing in tandem with others in rock, jazz venues as well as cinemas and farms. These shows have been specially put together, and titled, to exhibit a selection of the films alongside Hugh’s music and his deep-rooted and unique collaborative ethos. Together with a crew of old and new musical partners, Hugh will improvise live to his films, which will be projected from 8mm projectors. Those playing with Hugh include counter-cultural legend Penny Rimbaud (Crass), Tall Jameson tailor-made wind instruments and pipes, Matt Scott (a regular at The Klinker who knows Hugh’s films very well), Tony Barber ( bass player for The Buzzcocks), film maker and toy manipulator James Holcombe plus more joining in.
For one weekend in November Hugh will also present a Super 8 film masterclass at no-w-here in London. 
Experienced live, Hugh Metcalfe’s music and films are a visceral, cathartic and inspirational whole. Catch him as he performs up and down the country. 
This weekend, on 10th August, he performs the first of the series of dates. This show, atSupernormal in Oxfordshire  (http://www.supernormalfestival.co.uk) is entitled ANTS HAVE GRAB AND OTHER ESSAYS, and features Matt Scott (accordion) and Andrew Ranken (drummer with The Pogues) 
28th September / SALVAGE: A Hacker Farm Field Trip / A secret rural location 
Playing with Tall James. 
Music/Film Show Title: ‘All White Nr. Ipswich / Turn Me Off Man’
Other Acts: Ashley Paul, Hacker Farm, IX Tab + Kemper Norton
12th October /  TUSK FESTIVAL / Newcastle
Solo show 
Music/Film Show Title: ‘Traveling Ons’
Other Acts: Karen Constance, Oren Ambarchi, Smegma, Endless Boogie, Jar Moff

8th and 9th November / n-ow-here / London
2 Day Super 8 Workshop

14th November CAFE OTO / London

With Bicycle Clip Sex feat James Holcombe, Penny Rimbaud, Tony Barber, the
Steve Homes Flamenco Trio, Matt Scott and Amanda Drummond
Title: ‘Throbbing Jesus’
5th December THE OLD HAIRDRESSERS, Glasgow
With: tbc
Title ‘Resurrection’
Link: tbc
For more info on the shows and Hugh Metcalfe go to http://qujunktions.com/artists/hugh-metcalfe