Romuald Karmakar’s Film ‘Villalobos’ To Screen Next Saturday

Art & Culture

Everyone in this realm of popular culture knows who Ricardo Villalobos is and pretty much has a solid grasp of what he's all about. However, German director Romuald Karmakar has been taking a much more in-depth approach to portraying the Chilean DJ than most of us would have ever thought of.

The film is Karmakar's third outing and it takes a look at the various elements of Villalobos's musical life, incorporating everything from his work on stage right back to how his musical equipment works. You'll be able to see the film on Saturday 14th February from 7pm over at the Goethe-Institut, accompanied by a Q&A with the director hosted by David Stubbs.

Villalobos will be screened on 14th January, for more information and to find out how to book tickets click here.