Regeneration Is A Major Threat To London’s Creativity Report Finds

Art & Culture

A report published by the London Assembly Regeneration Committee has found that the regeneration of the city is posing a major threat to culture and creativity, reporting that 30% of London's creatives will be likely to find themselves pushed out of their work places as soon as 2019.

It's long been known that there's a link between redevelopement, rising property prices and the sterilisation of culture in the capital, and the report, entitled 'Creative Tensions: optimising the benefits of culture through regeneration' has found that such things push out those whose "energies helped to revive" certain areas to being with.

The report implored London Mayor Sadiq Khan to protect our city's cultural heritage and advised the introduction of an affordable workspace policy to be implemented in new developments.

For more info on the London Assembly go HERE.

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