Oddity Radio launches Online

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Art & Culture

The new station has been curated by Alexis Le-Tan and features a wealth of labels and shows.

Announced this week, Oddity hit the airwaves online and has commissioned shows from an array of forward thinking artists and labels to inaugurate the station.

Shows have been curated by Alex Le-Tan who has invited some of his favourite labels and friends to contribute to the project which has been described as follows:

“Oddity is a radio/not radio, a new loudspeaker for these independent labels, filled with artists and attitudes that we believe exemplify a creative spirit for the future.”


Labels who will feature as part of the radios programming include Stroom, Offen, Melody as Truth, BFDM, Public Possession, Good Morning Tapes and Music from Memory amongst many others.

The project is reinforced by an ideology of self sustainability.

“Our approach is driven by a strong desire for independence, thought out for labels that struggle to find their rightful place on streaming platforms. We provide their tracks with an increased visibility, ensuring the harmonious integrations of their catalogues…”

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