Intonal Festival unveils new names for 2022 edition

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Art & Culture

The festival is back with a bang having announced performances from Shackleton, Low Jack and more.

New names have been added to an already prolific line up for the latest edition of Intonal Festival in Malmö next month. The festival will return to the city alongside a stellar cast of musicians from underground and experimental backgrounds. The team behind the event released a statement of intent alongside the latest line up:

“A single piece of music can no doubt have a profound influence on the individual mind. Similarly, an artwork can open the eyes of the beholder in ways they did not think possible, and a performance can rouse unprecedented feelings in the heart of a solo visitor. All this is true.


But fundamentally, all these artforms are meant to be shared. They are collective forms of expression that are absolutely essential to human existence. Deep down, we all know this, yet in our society, these expressions are viewed as nonessential pastimes that can be cut without a moment of hesitation. Especially those that don’t easily translate into dollars.

In the light of this, it’s natural to feel jaded and resort to shoulder-shrugging cynicism. But despair is the straightest road to apathy. At this point we’d rather see you get fired up. Because we are.”

The latest additions to the Intonal programme include the likes of Elena Colombi, Shackleton, Low Jack, Holy Tongue, Ben Vince, Alma Söderberg, Naoko Sakata and Rytmiskonsekvens amongst others.

The full programme and tickets can be found HERE. Photography courtesy of Camilla Rehnstrand.