Monument To Be Erected To Immortalise Berlin’S Drug Dealers

Art & Culture

An American artist, Scott Holmquist, has gained support from German politicians to erect a statue in honour of the African drug dealer in Gorlitzer Park, Berlin. The park is notoriously known for drug distribution. 

The artist directed his petition to the members of the Pirate Party the left leaning political group with 4 out of 51 chairs in the district assembly. In his petition he declared, ‘Drug dealers perform a socially valuable service appreciated by many people – especially where they are easily reached, in the middle of the neighbourhood, and especially in parks.’

Holmquist aims to argue against the demonisation and vilification of drug dealers around Berlin, this monument would embody the last hero in Berlin. The Pirate Party backing Holmquist, believes it would open up discussion around the conditions of Gorlitzer Park and expand the debate beyond criminality. Currently Gorlitzer Park has 500 on going police investigations regarding drug related incidents. 

The American artist, who strives to stimulate thought and debate through the monument has been widely criticised online. With residents petitioning against the monument, stating it's an insult to those who have lost their family at the hands of the drug dealers.  

‘What would a memorial represent for people, I look forward to knowing.’- Holmquist. 


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