Eastern-European & Avant-Garde: Iconic Artworks Are Unveiled In Milan

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Late October saw the FM Centre for Contemporary Art in Milan open a new exhibition – ‘Non-Aligned Modernity’ – a collection of Eastern-European Art and Archives from the Marinko Sudac Collection.

The exhibition will run until the 23rd December 2016, and is the largest collection of exclusively Eastern-European work, taken from artists, photographers, sculptors, filmmakers and movement groups who used their medium to form social commentaries of the era and ideological & political critiques. The exhibition was created as a way to present the continuation of artistic practices adopted from the first Avant-Gardes.

Some of the main features within the exhibition are taken from various artists who formed the foundations of the Gorgona Group in Zagreb, 1959. Made up of artists like Josip Vaništa and Julije Knifer, they created ‘anti-magazines’ during 1961-1966, and were one of the most prevalent artistic groups across Eastern Europe. Discrete at the time of its existence, Gorgona has been recognized, interpreted, and positioned today as an important art phenomena, and they have helped paved the way for future generations of Avant-Garde artists.

‘Non-Aligned Modernity’ showcases over 700 works from more than 120 different artists. The exhibition is a stirring opportunity to experience a collection of work from great Avant-Garde artists hailing from Eastern European and ex-Yugoslav countries – all manifesting important messages from history through their art.

Stano Filko, Marina Abramović, Natalia LL, Artists on Vacation 2016 member Katalin Ladik and many more have contributed work to the exhibition.


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