Bells From The Deep Set For Hundred Years Gallery Stay

Art & Culture

If the above picture of a half-man, half-chicken (we can only assume…) has piqued your interest then it might be worth you heading down to Hundred Years Gallery at some point in July to check out the 'Bells From The Deep' exhibition.

The artwork on show is the result of an open call for drawings and hand made prints from the gallery and the impending exhibition will see work from amateurs lined up alongside pieces from artists who simply want their art to hang without it being critiqued for a competition by 'art experts'.

While the exhibition takes place, the gallery's basement will become a drawing room for anyone who wants to use it as an improvised studio. Audience participation is certainly encouraged and the eight highest-rated artists, based on audience votes, will be exhibited in a Hundred Years Gallery Group Show during 2016 organized and curated by the Director Montse Gallego.

Go out there and get your art on.

'Bells From The Deep' takes place from 2nd – 22nd July at the Hundred Years Gallery, click here for more information.