Yacht At Oslo 16.11.15

Art & Culture

To call YACHT just a band almost does them a disservice, such is their portfolio and manifesto. Their approach to their world is exciting, having tied in single releases to Uber price surges, announced new projects by using drone-shot videos of billboards, and developed a TV comedy series for Amazon. It's no surprise then, that tonight's show is eagerly anticpated, even for a rainy Monday in London.

Opening for YACHT are Evvol a Berlin based due by way of Australia and Ireland with an infectious Dark Wave sound. Their stage setting is a dense fug of moody lighting, dry ice haze and angular silhouettes; a fittingly mysterious canvas for their rich, hypnotic music. There's choral vocals at parts and the sound ebbs and flows in waves. The crowd are rapt and when the set finishes, it feels like it's over a little too soon.

With the way paved, YACHT take to the stage. They make a dramatic entrance, sweeping through the curtains and launching into their set. Singer Claire L. Evans is  an arresting front woman, both in her stage garb, a sculptural black and white ensemble, but also her movements, managing to be regal and inclusive at the same time. The second song of the set sees her dive into crowd to perfom in the round, singling out members of the audience for a special initiation and holding them in her thrall. 

We are treated to a host of new songs from their latest album I Thought The Future Would Be Coolerhighlights include ode to modern love I Wanna Fuck You Til I'm Dead, and Ringtone which sees some old-time showmanship; the band roleplay a fake phone call interupting their set.

As the set closes, Claire interacts with an audience members soft toy, "This one's for your mouse, your mice, for all your mice!" They close on smash hit Psychic City with it's rousing chorus of "Come on over we're having a party for you-" it feels fitting given the inclusive nature of their show, and I, along with most of the fans around me, left tonight's performance feeling firmly #teamyacht.


Find out more about Yacht's Manifesto.