United Festival Will Give You A Day Long Education On Uk Rave Music

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No country in the world has ever done rave like the UK. When we do rave, we are militant. If it's above 120bpm a war-like attitude descends on the masses, eyebrows lower, elbows extend outwards, "G'wan-if-your're-'ard-enough!" hand gestures are exchanged. I don't know why, but in the UK we treat the dancefloor like a battledome as soon as the bass drops in. We're not really going to hurt you, it's just what we do.

Rave has taken myriad forms over here too, from noisy hardcore to ragga flecked jungle, from the pounding 4/4 of hardhouse to the euphoric rush of liquid funk. We've embraced our own style of house music and in the 90s we bestowed the world with UKGarage and 2-step, which later spawned into dubstep.

At Ransom Note we've not been shy about expressing our love for UK dance music, and here's a festival that takes a helter skelter slice through some of the most memorable sections. Is it going to be cheesey? Is it going to be nauseatingly nostalgic? You know it is.

The mainstage is headlined by DJ Marky, Oxide & Neutrino and Sam Supplier, with Playaz' own DJ Hype, 808 State, Lisa Lashes, General Levy and Fabio & Grooverider amongst others providing a varied lineup.

Old skool, jungle and drum and bass- the perennial summertime rave favourites- are not getting overlooked in any way, shape or form with The One Nation stage being headlined by Hazard, with Skibadee on the mic, and the Moondance stage with Randall, Slipmatt and Billy Bunter getting a good going over by Ragga Twins amongst other MCs.

You could have taken a wild guess, but the TWICEASNICE stage will of course host Dreem Teem (DJ Spoony & Mikee B), DJ Luck & MC Neat, DJ Ironik and DJ Pied Piper amongst others.

If you like your music prefixed with the word "hard", and have ever bought clothing from Cyberdog, then Frantic is the stage for you, with Lisa Pin Up, Mark EG & M Zone and MC Ribbz paying homage to infamous rave institutions Bagleys and The Sanctuary

Jesus, after all that you'll probably just want to bed down at The Promised Land and enjoy some Graeme Park, Robert Owens, who by the way provided a beautiful closing set b2b with Dan Beaumont at this year's Farr Festival, and Marshall Jefferson.

For any poshos, there will be VIP tickets available with your own VIP classics arena (oooh), headlined by Slipmatt, with gourmet snacks and luxury loos for your convenience.

Big, yellow, smiley face.

If you can decide which tribe you're going to belong to for he day and, subsequently, what footwear you're going to wear to this event (Nike Air Force 1s, Air Maxes, Reebok Classics or New Rocks), you can buy your tickets for £30 here.