Tuvan Throat Singing At Cafe Oto

Art & Culture

Properly done, throat music is really quite unlike anything you've heard or seen. The three musicians who make up Alash – Bady-Dorzhu Ondar, Ayan-ool Sam and Ayan Shirizhik – have won numerous international awards in Tuvan throat singing, a technique which allows vocalists to sing multiple pitches at one time. Ensemble members also play a variety of Tuvan traditional instruments, contributing to an overall musical experience that a Washington Post review described as “absolutely stunning.” And who are we to disagree?

The trio are coming to Hackney's Cafe OTO on Sunday May 10th – and we urge you one and all to go and check out just what sounds the human body is capable of creating… Tickets are 8 quid in advance and available direct from Cafe OTO here