Tresor Berlin

Art & Culture


Saturday 16th June 2012
*Live music event with
Mike Huckaby
Swayzak presents S_W_Z_K live (UK album launch)
+ live analogue visual performance by Martin Fischer (Purea)
Very Limited Capacity — Tickets Available Through RA Early Bird £10 — General Admission £12 — Door Price £15
"The walls were very thick and the energy in there multiplied. That's why the ceiling was dripping. That's the way it had to be."
Tresor was born just after the fall of the Berlin wall bringing together East and West German youths to the soundtrack of the minimal electronic sound from Detroit.
Tresor's famous underground dancefloor, which hosted millions until the club's original premises closed in 2005, saw many things. It saw the aftermath of the fall of the Berlin Wall, when creatives flooded into East Berlin to squat, set up galleries and host clubs. It saw the explosion of techno in Europe, with the arrival of a new wave of DJs from Detroit attracted to Tresor's aggressive aesthetic and sound system. It saw an "anything goes" door policy which helped cause clashes with the police. And it saw closure, and reinvention, in a new building.