The Food, Hip Hop And Green Economy Course

Art & Culture

May Project Gardens (MPG) is an independent community organisation co-founded by Ian Solomon-Kawall (aka KMT the Freedom Teacher) who has 15 years of education and music. MPG's goal is to educate and empower communities by providing practical, affordable solutions for sustainable living in urban environments. 

They have just launched a Crowdfunder campaign for 'Food, Hip-Hop and the Green Economy course, they will need to raise £15000 by 1st of July so that 20 people can engage in both personal and social transfromation over the next 6 months. But how can Hip Hop be used by young people to transform themselves and their environment?

Well, the 'Food, Hip Hop and the Green Economy' course is a combination of education, personal growth and skills development for young people to use music to grow their communities. Modules include Hip Hop, Diet and Nutrition, Food Growing, Permaculture, Green Economy and Event Management. By Combining music, movement, art and knowledge it allows for both personal and social transformation. This transformational culture can allow the new generation to lead personal growth and social change in their communities. 

Help them so they can start the course by next month here.