The Dalston Kitchen

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The Dalston Kitchen: an underground dining experience taking place at unexplored and exciting locations around East London.

Good food, eating together, a special and social occasion are things that have always been central to my family and friends, the way we were raised, the way we still taste our way through life. Many of my favourite memories revolve around lively dinner parties, an extraordinary birthday cake (a la Womens Weekly and my parents’ late night baking feats), Christmas on the beach with fresh bread, wondrous salads, cold chicken, gourmet platters and plenty of chat, music and fun making. The Dalston Kitchen brings together these elements to provide an unpretentious, intimate event of great food and interesting company. The menu, venue and entertainment is always a surprise, bespoke and unique and I work with top cooks and enthusiasts to create a really special dining experience. One Dalston Kitchen is never be the same as another.

Brilliant evening, one of my favourites. Everything from the venue, staff, and of course the food, was fantastic. Informal, but top quality, like going to a friends house for an unforgettable dinner party. Will definitely go again!

Awesome night out. Great food, in an amazing setting. It was like dining on a movie set!

The next Dalston Kitchen takes the form of a Madhatters High Tea, I have a fantastic setting and while the entire event including the menu is usually hidden there are couple of hints of what to expect below.

If you can make it please confirm your place by this Friday 10th June.

Of course invite friends, cronies and pass on to anyone I may have missed.

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