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Slowpoke Salutes London
April 8th 2011
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Jonny Rock
Dave Congreve
Claus Voightmann
Gower Ramsey
Maura Musiciacco
Brian Monaco
Archie Hamilton

Having already brought us Three, Mark E, Trickski,Death On The Balcony, East Londons seductive Slowpoke camp deliver their sterling April offerings with two parties to keep heads turning and feet moving. On the 8th April is Slowpoke Salutes London converging the best in home grown local talent then their Easter special brings forward a trio of stellar live acts to stir up the senses.

Slowpoke Salutes London on the 24th April will be a series of back to backs with Londons stalwart residents from everyones favourite parties – Toi Toi, Dig Your Own Rave, Kitchen Party, Lo Kee and Ditched Disco. Former loved T Bar residents Jonny Rock and Dave Congreve will be joined by Bevarian born Claus Voightmann, who is resident at Londons admired Toi Toi events and has recently completed a stunning edit of Finks See it All. Also London taste-maker and TBar favourite Gower Ramsey, Maura Musiciacco, Kitchen Partys Brian Monaco, co-founder of moscow records Archie Hamilton, and co-creator of Londons eminent Lo Kee parties Nisekay all up on the night.

Things step up a gear on the 24th when Tiger & Woods are set to play live, fresh from shaking up the underground musical climate with an endless rain of edits. They have proven to be a cut above the rest managing to look into the future, while digging in the past, unleashing a vast arsenal of recognisable and exotic sources supplemented with original production to take the audience to undiscovered terrains that somehow feel like home.

For a second live helping of the evening is Bodycode/Portable AKA Alan Abrahams. Recording under two full-time aliases, running his own label, and with excellent releases spread across labels such as Perlon, and Spectral Sound, he keeps both hands busy at all times. It is his work though Bodycode / Portable that is the most accessible and idiosyncratic, bringing his varied influences (born in Africa, Abrahams spent many years in England soaking up dance culture) to the forefront.

For the final slice of live action Ben Westbeech will perform a live PA ahead of his new album on Strictly Rhythm. When Ben first bust onto the scene with his album Welcome to the Best Years of Your Life through Gilles Petersons Brownswood Recordings in 2006, we were little prepared for the super talented Londoner singer, producer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist who comfortably creates music that draws on strong influences from R&B, drumnbass, house as well as obscure vintage soul and funk. With a voice like honey Ben is also a talented producer that eclipses a diverse spectrum of music, and looks set to be a highlight for Slowpoke.

Jay Shepheard is a true current rising star. Being introduced on Munich-based imprint Compost back in 2006, his early productions drew plaudits from all directions and secured him remix work for the likes of Buzzin Fly and Dirt Crew. In 2010, the London producer returned to the English capital after spells in Berlin and Sopot, and having launched his own label, Retrofit. his DJing career has taken him from Mexican food stands at Glastonbury to the Cayman Islands. For this special Slowpoke Easter special he promises to tackle a deep and body-moving sound.

Slowpoke has been at the forefront of a new slew of innovative events across London, setting the pace with a gradual build up, ensuring they take the time to deliver a deep, warm and deliberate journey into the depths of the night. The party provides a rare chance to see talented artists in a small, raw urban setting for people who appreciate the finer details and who arent afraid to get low. | | |