Silver Hayes unveil mycelium pavillion 6° at Glastonbury 2023

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silver hayes ‘6°’ pavillion
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The Silver Hayes area at Glastonbury, has unveiled its inaugural art project for 2023 titled ‘6°’. The new pavilion explores the potential of mycelium and the underground network of mushroom roots as a biomaterial in the creative industries.

The project aims to showcase the transition from environmentally damaging materials to a sustainable fungi future. By feeding mycelium with agricultural waste, it can be transformed into a fully organic and compostable construction material. Over six weeks, the creative collective – made up of a diverse group from various disciplines, including film, TV, set design, and Central St Martins, the Royal College of Art, and Bath Spa University – will experiment and challenge the limits of mycelium as a practical substance.


The Pavilion will present the project’s findings during the festival in an exhibition from simple 2-dimensional forms to 3-dimensional approaches. Additionally, the Pavilion will host immersive sound art compositions that emphasise the interconnectedness of people and places, with music created by Brian d’Souza aka Auntie Flo, Or:la and harpist Roísín Berkeley.

The mycelium project’s insights – along with carbon data – will be published in a report to provide recommendations for future creatives working with biomaterials.


“Silver Hayes is entering its next decade. To mark this evolution, we’re pushing the programming beyond its electronic boundaries""


The Pavilion will become an annual platform for artistic research and development at Glastonbury, exploring new ideas, materials and products to contribute to a sustainable future. Led by Silver Hayes’ Team Love, designed by Simon Carroll from Temple Design Studio, and supported by Big Team CIC, Glastonbury Festival, Biohm & Grown Bio.

Ben Price, Arts Producer of Silver Hayes at Glastonbury: “The Silver Hayes field is entering its next decade at Glastonbury. To mark this evolution, we’re pushing the area’s programming beyond its electronic boundaries and into new cutting edge ideas and future technologies. Art, design, debate and the visual culture that surrounds music will now be at core of our offering – exploring what’s next in different dimensions”.

Silver Hayes mycelium pavillion 6° Glastonbury 2023